3.2. Linux

There is no universal way to install LPRng cleanly on all of the different Linux systems. The major difficulty is the fragmentation in the various libraries, location of files, and system dependencies. If the LPRng installation procedure does not install the software correctly, please use the following remedial steps.

  1. Check the LPRng web site http://www.lprng.com and see if there is a Linux Release RPM or other binary distribution for your version of Linux. If not, then you will have to do a source install.

  2. Obtain the source distribution and follow the instructions outlined in other sections to compile and install the software. Use the following configuration options which correspond to Linux:

    h4: {72} # ./configure --prefix=/usr \
      --sysconfdir=/etc --mandir=/usr/share/man
    h4: {73} # make clean all install
    h4: {74} # checkpc -f

  3. You may need to modify your existing printcap file by adding the :bkf flag as shown below, or replace the entries with other filters.

      :bkf:\     # added to the printcap by hand

  4. Test the system by printing a file. If this does not work, then you will have to determine if the problem is in the print spooling software or in the filter. See the section on ifhp for directions on how to replace the vendor supplied filters with ifhp.